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You care your family's health and have been showing the same by baking nutritious and wholesome chapatis using wheat flour. However the packed wheat flours are processed on high speed milling machines that burns away the nutritional benefits of wheat. Optionally you buy wheat and grind it from local flour mill, who follows the same technique in most unhygienic conditions. The traditional granny's method of stone ground flour making is only a story. You always look for organic food products to nourish your family.
We bring to you 100% fresh whole wheat flour, prepared with stone ground slow and cold milling process that retains the goodness of wheat bran and flavour of nutrition, your family with love. Because it's milled with organic process, it is chemical and bleach free.
We deliver freshly prepared wheat flour from your nearest Nutri Atta Chakki centres.

Benefits of Nutri Atta Chakki

We follow the traditional Indian method of slow stone ground process to make 100% fresh and organic whole wheat flour.
slow milling preserves goodness of wheat
Slow & Cold Milling

Slow milling process minimizes oxidisation and doesn't burn essential wheat germ oil and bran.

pure and hygienic wheat flour
100% Pure & Hygienic

100% Pure & Chemical free whole wheat flour is milled under hygienic and clean conditions.

healthy whole wheat flour
Good for Health

Whole wheat flour is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that will improve your health.

chakki fresh atta

The Nutritious & Healthy Way of LivingStone Ground, 100% Whole Wheat Flour

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Nutri Atta Chakki is about MY PASSION!

I’m a working mother and also a homemaker. I strongly believe like me, there are several mothers who ensure the most nourished food for their children. My children indulge into extra-curriculum activities at school, swimming, athletics, etc. to ensure they are healthy; I have to maintain a nutrient value in the staple diet for them and the entire family. Geared with the passion to understand and experiment in food variations and the zeal to learn about food processing aided by the history of my family’s business; I was able to understand the benefits and the need to consume ‘Cold Grind’ wheat and other grain flour. I believe, that by changing the process of grinding and going it back to yesteryear of ‘slow grinding’ or ‘cold grinding’ we can retain up to 60% of the natural nutrients of the wheat flour as compared to the conventional mechanical grinding.

Our brand name ‘Nutri Atta Chakki’ signifies healthy and traditional atta...So I firmly believe that the process to produce this atta should also be Indian...It is deeply ingrained in our culture to always eat fresh and nutrients rich diet. I have invested my past 3 years very passionately in doing in-depth research about grains, pulses and more specifically for wheat. I chose wheat because wheat is very widely used grain that is consumed in for both the meals in our Indian diet.. We have a family business of manufacturing chakki fresh atta from past 20 years and I have been very closely involved in the business. I used to closely monitor all the lab reports from production unit. And I discovered that the atta that we eat lacks nutrients. This drove me to do in-depth research and come up with a better technique to retain nutrients and hence I started my research. The technique that is currently used in our country to make Chakki fresh Atta generates heat which destroy nutrients.... However, I would like give a twist to our traditional Cold and Slow Grinding method and re-introduce the same for our business. I believe that by changing the process of grinding and going back to yesteryear of slow grinding method we can retain up to 60% of natural nutrients of wheat flour as compared to conventional mechanical grinding (which is currently used). I'm connected with more than 6000 women and have been actively involved in taking their opinion about product. So, their suggestions have also helped me to build a well-rounded approach for my concept.
I'm excited and proud to offer you a flour that you will love.

- Monica Kushte

Myth about Whole Wheat Flour

Packed wheat flour often marketed as whole wheat flour is produced by commercial milling of wheat kernel also referred as berries. The process involves breaking of bran - a jacket that locks and protects all the nutrients of kernel. Then the middling is removed and finally most essential wheat germ is removed. Wheat germ and wheat germ oil is higly nutritious and composes 90% of nutritional value in a wheat berry. The wheat germ oil has no shelf life and it quickly turns rancid. Therefore as per government regulations, the wheat germ oil is removed from all commercial flours available in market.

Nutri Atta Chakki brings to you 100% whole wheat flour, that is freshly milled at low rpm, stone and cold grinding process that retains complete wheat berry with all its nutrition. We produce limited quantity of wheat flour on daily basis as per booked orders and donot stock or sell in retail stores. Thus, what you enjoy is freshly milled whole wheat flour that makes softer doughs and tastier chapatis.

Stone Ground Flour

1. We mill flour with stone ground process that grinds slowly and stays cool. The highy speed rolling and hammering flour mills generates excess heat that "kills" the nutrients of flour.

2. Industrial flour mills break and separate the bran, wheat germ, produce white flour and then add them back to produce whole wheat flour. This process doesnot allow the mingling of the endosperm and wheat germ oil.

3. Stone ground fresh flour is always bakers first choice owing to its lovely flavour and fibrous texture.

Health Benefits Whole Wheat Flour

Nutri Atta Chakki's 100% Whole Wheat Flour has many health benefits:

Vitamin B: Much needed for strong nervous system is present is whole wheat. It also helps your metabolism by breaking down fat, protein and carbohydrates for energy.

Fiber: Whole Wheat flour is a fibrous food that helps maintain a healthy digestive system.

Iron: Whole wheat flour contains iron that acts as an oxygen carrier in your blood and essential for your healthy brain and muscles. Iron deficiency causes many ailments like fatique, weakness, headaches and chronic illness.

Magnesium: Whole wheat contains magnesium, a crucial elemnent for your body. It helps to maintain normal blood pressure, built stronger bones and a healthy heart.

Weight: A fat substitute food made from whole wheat is more healthier and filling that helps to gain weight without actually adding up unwanted fat.

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